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Merging the human side of recruiting with Science and Technology is essential for finding, keeping and growing your organization’s talent pool. 

Find just the right talent for your organization.

Practical steps to Recruiting.

Know what to ask for.
It’s the questions that determine the success. Whether you are an outside recruiter or in house department, really knowing what is needed is essential.  That may sound silly but as they say on Law & Order, it’s the questions that determine the success.  Knowing what to ask your hiring managers and completely understanding the hard and soft skill sets needed for success is essential.

Be Authentic.
Don’t sell what you don’t have.  Marketing your organization is super important and getting candidates to work for your company is super important.  But be honest and authentic with your descriptions.  Make sure you are telling it like it is and that the candidate is on board with what actually is.  Turnover costs are extremely high and much more likely to happen if you misrepresent your organization’s culture, leadership style, development opportunities, etc.

Humanize and soften your recruiting process so that amazing people constantly flow to you!
Be respectful of people’s time Often times, candidate database management systems are so complicated and time consuming that candidates get frustrated, bogged down with populating unnecessary fields and bail out. Make sure your candidate database management system is super easy for people to apply, efficient with gathering relevant information and compliant with state and federal laws. 

Filtering out the qualified with the not so qualified:  Don’t overuse filters.  Think outside the box.  Resumes aren’t’ a tell-all novel!  They are a base from which the interview continues…. Do the work.

Understand what it takes to be successful in the organization.
Every organization has an ebb and flow running through it.  It takes a certain type of individual to be able to navigation your specific system.  Some are easier than others.  Knowing what character traits a candidate must possess to be successful is a must!  Make sure they’ve got what it takes!

Look for employees that demonstrate your company’s values.
This is probably one of THE most important pieces to the recruiting puzzle.  Drawing out people’s true behavior, values, morals and ethics through the interview process can be challenging, but it’s a must.  Hiring an employee who does not emanate the values of your organization can single handedly make or break your corporate culture and fast! Make sure the candidate has the right character for your company.

Discover candidates ability to perform core competencies of the position
Asking the right questions to your candidate to draw out the information needed is essential.  Good recruiting takes thought, planning and understanding both of your audiences. 

Only hire the best (for your organization) and don’t settle for less.

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