In the end-all business operations can be reduced to three words:
People, Products & Profit.  
                          Lee Iacocca

Operations Strategies for Building a Profitable Organization!

Risk and Compliance Management
Human Resources Strategy & Development
Develop, implement, manage and evaluate programs that reduce employer risk potential from unlawful activities in the following five areas; Legal Compliance, Safety& Health, Security, Business Continuity, and Workplace Privacy.
Some risks arent worth taking.
Customized HR policies and procedures. When you need HR strategies that are specific to your business CF helps navigate through the complexities to meet your goals.

Boutique firms needing concierge-style, hands-on HR support, 

Process Improvement
Manager Mentor
Structural Intervention program that creates an atmosphere where employees are engaged to create products and services that are continually advancing, meeting the changing needs of customers

We can not solve our problms with the same thinking that created them.
Albert Einstein
A service providing one-on-one mentoring & coaching to executives, managers, and supervisors. Acting as an advisor to management, provide information and guidance regarding the external and internal business environments to seek and develop competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Employees leave managers not companies..